Self-effacing Astronomy nerds by day, sleazy punk heathens by night; The Begowatts play a special kind of rock & roll that falls somewhere between Blue Oyster Cult and The Sheepdogs. Their music is mired in danger and excitement and is played with little regard for mollified guidelines. “When you feel like you’re a moment away from fucking everything up...That’s when the magic happens.”

The band was formed in 2012 by four graduate students studying Astronomy and Computer Science at the University of Wisconsin. All their accumulated hours of study had taught them one valuable universal principle...the Earth was made of Rock. For the entirety of recorded history there had been those that channeled this awesome power, and now these four Midwestern boys collectively decided it was their time continue this ancient tradition.

“Begowatt” is a self-coined unit of measurement the band made up one night at their frequent East African haunt. They were enjoying a dinner of beef-curry called “Beg Wot” and after several beers and some insanely funny Back To The Future jokes (e.g. “1.21 Beg-o-wots!”) a decision was made. Soaking up the eclectic Madison music scene was natural part of college life but it was here, full of beer and Beg Wot, that contributing their own spiked blend of fuzzy rock seemed like the next logical step. 

Within a short time they went from packing basement parties to being the house band at the world famous Bike Shop and released their self-titled EP in April of 2015. The positive response from the EP gave the band the confidence they needed to pony up for a professionally recorded full length debut. Now comprised of three astronomers and an urban planner, they named their newest crop of 11 songs Photoelectric and recorded them at Electrical Audio Studios in Chicago with Greg Norman. With all their live show favorites honed to perfection, all that was needed was to hide away without any distractions to ensure this rock was preserved for eternity.

Photoelectric was released June 17 and The Begowatts completed a 30 date a regional tour in support. Arthur amicably parted ways with the band in late 2016 to pursue other interests, and Dan Carpenter has taken his place behind the kit. They are now planning a followup release for 2017.


The Begowatts are:

David French - Lead Guitar, Vocals

Ben Tofflemire - Rhythm Guitar

Aaron Androsky - Bass

Dan Carpenter - Drums, Percussion